Create a network of transport and international shipping SME, promoting and developing every member’s services and strength, introducing ourselves as a unique player.


Be the partner of choice of companies, foreign players and partners.


Passion, experience, cohesion, craftsmanship.


ABC Business Network is the Italian network that includes the best companies in the transport and international shipping sector.

We’ve been leading successfully for many years medium sized companies with a long history in the market: we know inside out our markets, which we serve as players of reference.

We share on a daily basis with our coworkers the same commitment and passion: through precision, experience, know how, flexibility, clarity and constant information we deliver to our clients a customized and artisanal service that differentiates us from the big players and is the main reason we are chosen.

We believe the way to grow and get better is to share our services with the ones of similar companies, in terms of dimension, specialization and commitment to service.

We believe the best way to achieve this is to manage it through a dedicated structure, linked to our companies, but independent from the day to day duties, having as the only target the shared interest of the network.

We believe this network can be the ideal partner for clients and international service agents, combining the artisanal high quality approach with the extensive territory coverage.

We want to grow, but not to become big: that’s the reason why we created ABC Business Network.

ABC Business Network aims to promote our services and the management and coordination between our companies and our international partners.