About Us

We are a group of entrepreneurs and professionals in Freight Forwarding.

Our Companies share a longstanding background in International Freight Forwarding.

Our assets are the passion we and our staff put every day in our work, our ability to respond to our Customer’s needs and follow them: they prefer us to the big players for our personalized service, our reactions and attitude and our capability to adapt us to their needs and not vice versa.

We have been evolving our services by connecting our Companies into both Domestic and International Networks,to integrate – but not replace - our “classical” Freight Forwarding Services – particularly for partial and full load, non – palletized cargo etc.

We realized that if on one hand our size and our high specialization are the assets our Customers choose us for, on the other we don’t want to stop our growth and need to expand further.

Grow without getting big: this was the challenge to take – and to win by getting together

We therefore decided to put each Company’s services under a separated, independent coordination looking after the common interest of the Network and lead by a professional with longstanding Network experience in both Italy and Europe –therefore we created ABC Business Network.

Our Mission Statement :

  • To unite the best private Medium Sized Freight Forwarder Companies into ABC Business Network
  • To be represented in all strategical areas
  • Tointegrate Domestic Distribution Networks with our International Services and knowledge

ABC Business Network

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