Welcome! from the ABC General Manager

Matteo Ravazzin
General Manager of ABC Business Network

My name is Matteo Ravazzin, I’ve been working in the transport and international shipping field for more than 32 years and I’m the ABC Business Network’s director. I’d like to personally welcome the visitors of our website.


ABC Business Network was born in 2017 aiming to put together companies and people from different areas, countries and mentalities, building long-lasting collaboration, efficient and productive for all the stakeholders involved.


We strongly believe in relationships between people, built on professionalism and respect. We started with the people, putting together a group of entrepreneurs that share the same ideals and the same vision.


In less than three years we built a network of 13 companies, we can trust on 22 terminals and more than 700 collaborators, we built strategic partnerships with Italian and European networks, building trustful collaboration in every field, and that’s how we want to continue our growth.


Every day we work with passion and enthusiasm to create efficient, productive and long lasting collaborations, in Italy and internationally.




Matteo Ravazzin