Welcome to my Network!

Matteo Ravazzin
General Manager of ABC Business Network

My name is Matteo Ravazzin, maybe you have met me already – it is possible, since I am now over 30 years in this business – and still enthusiast!


Since the very start I have seen my work as connecting – indeed sender and consignee, making goods travel - but also Companies and People, setting up relations and partnerships between different Countries - and making them work , for the benefit of both. Later on,I learnt this was called “win-win”.


I firmly believe in interpersonal relationships, on the base of seriousness, professionalism and mutual respect. I have been always enthusiastic about Transport Networks, fascinated about the results that can be achieved by working with each other, instead of against each other.


I am very pleased and honored to lead ABC Business Network and to put my networking experience into it : I believe that Transport and International Forwarding is about passion and enthusiasm, and this is the driving force of each Company in the ABC Network .. so, let’s work together!